Aerial Thai™ with Deanna

Aerial Thai™ Training

Aerial Yoga + Thai Massage = Aerial Thai™

Aerial Thai is a unique, 3 dimensional approach to holistic therapy. Part aerial yoga, part Thai Massage, Aerial Thai provides a supportive, freeing session which promises to relax both body and mind.
The support of the aerial hammock allows a sense of security while the practitioner gently rocks, shakes, pushes and pulls the client into deep states of relaxation and calm. Sessions end in a supported cocoon with gentle head and foot massage and full body rocking.

This course will show you how to use the hammock to assist in giving a wonderful, new experience to your private clients. This is a fantastic supplement to your teaching regimen, and will allow you to offer something truly unique to your students, as well as build your private client base. This course pays for itself in 3-5 sessions.

Open to all yoga teachers with 200 hr certification with no prior aerial experience or training required!

To register call (951) 500-5009 or email

July 14th & 15th
$300 2 Day Training (already trained in Aerial)
$400 3 Day Training (No Aerial training) 3rd training date TBD)

Course Description

Day one:
The morning is focused on:
*Basic Thai massage principles. We spend the morning learning what Thai Massage is and learn some basic principles.
*How to assist safely.
*Safe touch.
*The physiology of rocking, shaking and holding.
*Why using the hammock helps to deepen this practice.
*How to use your body safely.

In the afternoon:
*Begin to explore the poses.
*How to use the hammock to your advantage. We will explore some of the poses in traditional Thai format on the floor, as well as with the hammock to experience the difference for the practitioner and the client.

Day two:
*Continue to explore the poses and possibilities.
*Discuss the options of flow in a session, including.
*Discuss/demo how and when we can. provide tradition work on the sen lines.
*Learn ways to begin and end a session.
*Music and aromatherapy.
*Troubleshoot possible problems and solutions.

Certification is obtained by attending the course, taking a written exam, documenting 5 practice sessions and demonstrating (in person or via video) ability to perform selected tasks.

Attendees of this training who are not aerial yoga certified will also be required to take 5 aerial yoga classes with an approved instructor before certification. This is to acclimate you to the use and language of aerial. This is also in addition to the extra day of prerequisite in person aerial training (date to be announced) in which Aerial Thai training attendees without previous aerial experience learn:

Day three:
*basic aerial rigging
*basic protocols for aerial yoga
*height adjustments
*problem solving.
A relaxing aerial class will be offered as part of this day.

**This prerequisite day is not necessary for aerial yoga instructors, however mandatory for those not already trained.