New Year, New You!

AUM Shanti, As we flow into our 8th Year of Service with you we commit to connection with the Divine, and in that connection, we are devoted to helping you shine bright. 2018 is the year to step fully into who we truly are, shining as the brightest star! With the discerning ..Continue Reading

5 Reason to Love Aerial Yoga

  By Nicole Atphasouk 1 ~ Deeper Stretches and Increased Flexibility – I love how every muscle in my body feels long and lean after practicing in the hammock. Using the support of the hammock and body weight allows access to deeper stretching of muscles. My favorite example of this is ankle ..Continue Reading

Happy Holy~Days

Happy Holy~Days,         Our wish for you this month is to believe in your own happiness. May this year end for all of us with the understanding that happiness is a birth right, especially during the holiday times, where joy is in the air, in the breath and in ..Continue Reading

Heal Yourself and Others

Heal Yourself and Others November 2017 Blessings, As we move into the holy~day season we extend our Light energy to you along with our knowing that clarity and completion are happening for us all. The Scorpio season we are in allows us to look deep into our desires and to have ..Continue Reading

Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air October 2017 Namaste,   When you close your eyes and breathe into how you think life is supposed to be, do you see a perfect body, perfect living situations, a life wild and free? Do you appreciate the little things; life’s simplicity that makes you happy? ..Continue Reading

The Healing Effects of Sound and Cacao

The Healing Effects of Sound and Cacao September 2017 Sat Nam, We are connecting deeply this month with the ancient vibrations of creation! Our focus is on healing, so we may be of better support and service to others, because when we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. I love the ..Continue Reading

Beyond Grief & Letting Go

Beyond Grief & Letting Go August 2017 Brave Souls,                  We’re very excited to approach this powerful new month with you, full of 8 numerology and eclipse energy! This is a serious time of release, and not just releasing things that have happened ..Continue Reading

The Secret to Freedom :: Courage Through Kundalini

The Secret to Freedom :: Courage through Kundalini Yoga July 2017 Warrior Yogis,                    Being half way through the year means its time to look to the past with gratitude; gratitude for the blessings and lessons, and gratitude that the past is ..Continue Reading

The Joy of Personal Freedom

The Joy of Personal Freedom June 2017 Sat Namaste,                      From trauma to triumph, when life gets tragic Isabel gets dramatic! We invite you next Saturday to laugh, cry and lean into the joys of life with inspirational, one woman performer and life ..Continue Reading

Your Yoga Teacher Training

Your Yoga Teacher Training  May 2015 Dearest Yogis,                      Alas our Yoga Teacher Training with Shraddha School of Yoga is ready to begin! So how does it work? everyBODY is welcome to join us and you don’t need to be ready ..Continue Reading