Change Is In The Air

October 2017



When you close your eyes and breathe into how you think life is supposed to be, do you see a perfect body, perfect living situations, a life wild and free? Do you appreciate the little things; life’s simplicity that makes you happy? My Intuitive, Evelyn,  recently told me, we weren’t made to be perfect, and as a Capricorn, perfectionist myself, that struck me. We weren’t made to be perfect human beings, but we are created to love fully. And when there’s a loss or a life change, holding onto that love will be the saving grace.This month brings immense change and a time to create, and no matter how dark times have been, there is always a silver lining of God’s grace. We just need to reconnect with the Light inside and emerge into these changing times, where cells are healing and dimensions are opening, and take the leap into where we are meant to be.

So close your eyes again and breathe in Light, and breath out Light, and trust, it is alright.

Change is in the air and Love is in the air. Let us support you, at Source.

With great love as always,
Mohara Devi


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