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Crown of Eternity

April 2, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$30 - $50


Song of the Heart: The Art of Listening Deeply
Meditation, Chanting & Listening with Crown of Eternity

April 2 (Sunday) | 3-5 pm | $30 advance | $35 day of event
Special Rate: BOTH workshop & concert: $50 advance | $60 day of event
Learn to listen to the sounds of your heart and your soul.  Explore the infinite moment as you attune to your inner sounds and the deepest levels of silence.  By listening deeply we open a space of great understanding, self-experience and self-transformation.  This is an inner journey deep into the Self, listening consciously with ears, mind, body and heart.  The yogis call listening sunni-ai.  It means hearing the sounds, the words, the subtlety—all that is below the surface—at the same time.  Sunni-ai is intuition applied to listening.  Deep listening, like radar, senses the shape and momentum of the present moment.  Come attune yourself to the sound current with powerful meditations, chanting and listening techniques shared by Crown of Eternity.  Open yourself to a deeper sensitivity that will connect you to life in a whole new way.

with Gongs, Bells, Singing Bowls LIVE with Crown of Eternity

April 2 (Sunday) | 6-8 pm | $30 advance | $35 day of event
Special Rate: BOTH workshop & concert: $50 advance | $60 day of event

A Vibrational Experience Like No Other!

Enter a cosmic journey as Crown of Eternity transports you into a timeless space of sonic bliss.  It is a meditation; a dream-like state; a carefully honored space of intention and attention; a deep and lasting vibrational cleansing for the body and soul; a profound journey through all levels of the self like you have never experienced before.

Crown of Eternity will bathe you in waves of sound from over 60 vibrational instruments (multiple gongs, gong oblongs, bells, sound plates, sound triangles, and Himalayan singing bowls). The sound journey experience starts by preparing your body with light breath work or meditation and settling into a cosy space to rest deeply, to be awake, to meditate, or to be amazed by the vastness of the healing sound current.  The deep complex harmonics of multiple overtone instruments quickly silence the mind and resonate through your body melting away boundaries between being awake and being asleep, between inside and outside.  The rhythmic sound oscillations facilitate the movement of prana through the body and deliver a deep energetic reboot of the nervous system.  These sacred sounds are transmitted into the tissues and experienced as a full body sound massage, realigning us on a cellular level while removing unwanted patterns or blockages, and energizing, exhilarating and lifting the spirit.  Listeners often describe out of body experiences, seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, past life impressions, expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness.  Meditate as Crown of Eternity tone you into the deepest conscious rest, cleansing, releasing, healing and harmonizing on all levels.

PLEASE BRING a yoga mat, blanket, or cushion for your comfort during extended relaxation on the floor.Space is limited. Advance registration strongly advised!


Call (951) 500-5009 to sign up for single workshop options


April 2, 2017
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
$30 - $50


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Sound Journey Concert$35.00

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Song of the Heart Workshop$30.00

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Workshop & Concert$50.00

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