Namaste Dear Hearts,

Eclipse season is upon us and with 5 planets in retrograde; Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, to say things are intense would be an understatement. Retrogrades bring up the past and the opportunity to reflect back on our choices, while eclipses set the path for the future, laying out the steps for what is to come. So the best thing to do now, is to STAY PRESENT:

Mercury governs communication ~ Try not to overextend yourself or push too hard to be heard. The trick to this time is in staying humble and being honest with our words.

Mars is the plant of war and it teaches touch lessons ~ The goal here is to stay calm and relax more. Don’t take the bait by giving into the battle of heated emotions. Instead, set boundaries and be aware of what is or is not okay for you.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma ~ Illuminating light on our commitments and disciplines, this is a time to take charge and get work done. The goal here is to set it up and step up.

Uranus is intuitive and original ~ Its retrograde is asking us to see things more clearly with our love and finances; to keep up with love and investments.

Neptune enhances creativity and spiritual development ~ As long as we do not let fears hold us back, we can use Neptune’s energy now for a very imaginative time in our lives.

Let’s all remember that everyone is going through something, and we are all doing the best we can right now. May we also appreciate what we are doing, and forgive ourselves as well. Come in for classes to re-balance and practice this Heart Shield Meditation when you can. It certainly has been helping me!

I love you dearly,
Mohara Devi

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