Mama Yoga

Mama Yoga

In Khalsa Way™ pregnancy classes, mothers move beyond the stress and fear that often comes up in daily life. They learn new, positive ways of envisioning pregnancy. They learn to view themselves as completely capable of birthing. They tap into their sensitivity, their sensuality and their spirituality. Their powerful femininity is a beauty to behold!

Pregnancy yoga stretches, tones and relaxes the body, the mind and the emotions. It helps the mother make more room in her body for the baby and for her own spine and organs. During those worried or emotionally ‘stuck’ moments, pregnancy yoga class offers a time of community and reconnection, a safe place to discharge emotions and to heal. A mother can teach her baby to breathe and to meditate before birth. As a woman lives, so shall she birth.

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  • Mondays 1:00 - 2:15pm