New Students

New Student Specials

If it is your first yoga class ever, or your first class at Source Studio, you may wonder what to expect.

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  • If you don't have a yoga mat, don't worry, we have clean mats you can borrow.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after class.
  • Please do not wear scented lotion, perfume, or cologne.
  • Cell phones and shoes are not allowed in the asana (practice) room.
  • Wear comfortable fitting clothing that is easy to move in
  • EveryBODY is welcomed as we leave the ego at the door

we offer specials to our new students

We also offer an Introduction to Yoga Workshop as well!

$30 for 30 Days! Click or Call to enroll!

All-access memberships for new students get, 30 days of full access to our Yoga and fitness classes. Studio Memberships are $59 to $79 per month regularly. This offer applies only to new student sign-ups. New students are those who have not yet been on a studio membership or other sale with us before. This special is not valid for current Members.

Excluded from the 30-30 are specialty classes, AIReal Yoga, workshops and events. Your 30-days start the day of your first class. After that students may enroll in our 12-month, 6-month, month to month membership plans without paying the sign-up fee.

No other discounts may be combined with this offer and there are no premature cancellations.

Call now to join our new student special! 🙂