AUM Shanti,

As we flow into our 8th Year of Service with you we commit to connection with the Divine, and in that connection, we are devoted to helping you shine bright.

2018 is the year to step fully into who we truly are, shining as the brightest star! With the discerning planet Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn, we are called to reflect, to grown and to be illuminated. The answer is always love, and when challenges come up, as they do for everyone, we can move mountains when we see our obstacles as medicine for the soul, as transmutation for the planet. Just like the bright sun, with a spiritual practice, our souls are always shining. Even amidst any clouds, may we remember in this New Year to chose the Light. This is a year to remove barriers, self inflicted or not, and to shine, and we are grateful to do that with YOU.

Happy Everything,


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