Mohara Devi

Monday 6:30pm Astro Yoga |  Wednesday 6:30pm Astro Yoga | Sunday 9am Aerial Yoga

Mohara has loved and practiced Yoga for 14~years. On 1/1/11 she opened Source Studio in Downtown Riverside where health & wellbeing flourish. There you’ll find a beautiful community of conscious people who’ve awakened and whose lives have been touched by Source. Mohara is a Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist. Through a steady Yoga practice, Mohara has discovered the personal challenges of working with and loving one's own body-mind. Yoga has allowed her to raise her consciousness and to overcome many obstacles. Feeling it’s beneficial to go to the source when learning, Mohara's pilgramages brought her to India to study Hinduism, to the Arimathean Retreat in Glastonbury, EN to study the Christ Light and to Buddhist Temples in Thailand.

She has over 900 Teacher Training Training hours from her studies in Iyengar Yoga at UCR, Nithya Yoga in India with Nithyananda, PurnamYoga at Siddhatayan Spiritual Center under Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Kundalini Yoga at Yoga West in Los Angeles, AIReal Yoga at the AIReal Training Center and Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga with Gurmukh in Sweden.
Welcome to our studio, and Namaste 🙂


Friday 12:15pm Gentle Vinyasa

Tierney is a heart-centered Yoga and Meditation teacher who carries a deep passion for holding sacred spaces. She was introduced to yoga 10 years ago and describes it as a lifestyle that can be integrated both on and off the mat, through conscious living and deeper compassion.

Tierney is also a Reiki Practitioner trained & certified in Sound Healing & Soulflow Embodiment. Through integrating various methods learned & utilized in her own journey, she offers a loving space for community, connection, peace, & liberation.

It has now become her deepest calling to share these tools with others & hold safe containers for cracking one's heart wide open & allowing the highest expression of Self to shine through & be seen


Monday 5:30 Ashtanga Yoga | Tuesday 5:30pm Ashtanga Yoga | Saturday 9:30am Ashtanga Yoga

For 20 years Marlene has helped others transform their pain to relaxation. She fell in love with yoga as she searched for a natural way to ease my anxiety and back pain. In the process of doing so, she realized the need for deeper study so Marlene traveled to India where she attained an Ashtanga teacher's certificate, “my desire is to help dissipate other's pain by utilizing the art of yoga as I did,” Marlene states. Join Marlene on Tuesdays and Saturdays for Vinyasa Flow classes.

Amrit Kaur

Tuesdays 12:15 & 6:30 Kundalini Yoga | Sundays 11am Aerial Yoga

Vanessa likes exploring places on Mother Earth through hiking and camping and enjoying the beauty of the world through creating dream catchers. She enjoys spending time with her children, friends and family.

Her favorite quote includes: "Live the life you love, love the life you live" - Bob Marley


Wednesday 5:30pm Functional Fitness | Friday 12:15 pm Fitness Yoga

Michael loves nature and is a plant based affiliate. He believes everything is art and enjoys music, meditation, creating vegan dishes in the kitchen. He is inspired to teach because he loves to move and wants to uplift his students to love their bodies through fitness.

One of his favorite quotes is - "You either live your dream or you will live someone else's"