The Secret to Freedom :: Courage through Kundalini Yoga

July 2017

Warrior Yogis,


                 Being half way through the year means its time to look to the past with gratitude; gratitude for the blessings and lessons, and gratitude that the past is behind us. It is also a time to be free of fear; as fear is the unknowing of what will or will not happen in the future, which robs us of the present. What if we acted as if it were impossible to fail? What would happen if we allowed a deeper spiritual practice to support and connect us?
We are Source Studio in Riverside, here to share Kundalini Yoga, a Raj (royal) Yoga with you to strengthen your stamina, grace, tenderness of the heart and deep spiritual connection with the Infinite. We’re here to teach you how to breathe with Transformational Breath, to clear yourself of past trauma and drama, and to flip your hourglass with AIReal Yoga. Our Teacher Training is ongoing and is teaching students the deep and fundamental practices of Yoga, along with our Intro to Yoga and Summer Hatha 5~week series’s.
There is no time like now to start your practice with our affordable prices and caring community.“As the second half of the year begins, I understand that in order to change my life outside, I must change inside.
I have seen firsthand that the moment I am willing to change, the Universe begins to help in amazing ways.
I look forward to what it has in store for me this month.” ~ Louise Hay
Loving you all~ways,
Mohara Devi

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