Namaste Beautiful Breathers,

I’ve just returned from my week long Level 4B Transformational Breath training in Tahoe where I physically, emotionally and spiritually breathed away my inner conflict and worry. Transformational Breath® has been huge for me not only in ridding myself of old relationship patters and being open to the relationship I desired, but more recently in trusting the Divine with guiding and caring for my life. It is such a healing process for whatever challenges are taking place, that it is almost too magical to explain.

Please don’t miss out on this Sunday’s Transformational Breath Workshop at 1pm at Source
And register online here if you’ll be joining us!

Transformational Breathwork Intro Workshop

May is a month of peaceful healing. We are holding space for you. Sat Nam!

“This month I joyfully carry all my experiences. I shoulder my responsibilities with ease and stand on my own two feet, tall and free. Any burdens I may have are light, like feathers in the wind. I know I have the power, the strength and the knowledge to handle absolutely everything in my life.” ~ Louise Hay
May the longtime sun shine upon you

With great Love,
Mohara Devi

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