May’s Postnatal Yoga

May's Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga classes are designed especially with the postpartum mom in mind. In these classes we will do a complete body workout to energize us, work on safely rebuilding core strength and opening up our upper bodies that tend to become overtired from holding and feeding our babies. Our primary focus will be on our personal practice, but we invite infants to pre-crawlers to come to class. If your baby is sleeping, allow them to stay that way and rest nearby you in their carseat or wherever they are most comfortable. If they are awake we will integrate them into the class and I can offer assistance by holding babies as needed or preferred. Feel free to bring a blanket from home to place over our studio blankets where your baby can rest/play/interact. You can feed or care for your baby in any way that is needed throughout the class. Come and join us in a safe atmosphere where you can meet other moms, strengthen your body, maintain flexibility and make space and time in your life to take care of yourself.

About the Teacher

Angela is a certified Pranakriya Yoga and Prenatal Yoga teacher and mother of two littles. Yoga has been her cornerstone throughout many life transitions especially the transformative childbearing years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation and loves the therapeutic aspects of yoga. Compassionate and nurturing, she enjoys weaving some restorative elements into each class. Her personal practice constantly informs her teaching. She has trained with and been inspired by many teachers including Yoganand Michael Carroll, Barrett Lauck Reinhorn, Steven Valloney, Kathy Bolte and others. Angela lives and teaches in Riverside and plans to continue her commitment to studying more yoga and deepening her practice to share with others.

We kindly ask that you register by calling 951-500-5009 to ensure we'll have class

  • May 3 and May 24 from 9:30am-10:45am


Single class $17